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Present your company

The exhibition area enables huge possibilities for companies willing to present their capacities and products. Modular character of the exhibition units enables the use of exhibition area within the hotel.

Booth fabrication information

STANDARD BOOTHS 3m x 3m, 2m x 3m and their fabrication, assembly and dis-assembly are included in price and its basic equipment as follows:

•    Shell scheme
•    Red carpet (if you don`t express a wish for a different color)
•    Header plate 2 m x 0,30 m (with printed logo)
•    Info counter 1m x 0,5 m x1m (front space for branding: 85,2 length x 96,4 width)
•    Reflector 300 W
•    Electric extension cord
•    Table
•    2 Chairs

ADDITIONAL BOOTH EQUIPMENT - our committed team will find you the best materials and the best products so if you would like to order something that is not included in the standard booth equipment we kindly ask you to contact Ms Lorena Vukelić on:

Requests for ADDITIONAL BOOTH EQUIPMENT are to be submitted by February 25th latest.

Requests for CUSTOMIZED BOOTHS or SPECIALY DESIGNED BOOTHS are to be submitted by February 15th latest**, as follows:

•    Full specifications and full blueprints are sent via e-mail to our partners, minor changes can be arranged free of charge afterward.
Additional charges per m2 apply for;  fabrication and onsite assembly. Dismantling is free of charge.
NOTE: for full specifications and pricing of additional services and/or additional equipment please look marketing brochure.

•    If no blueprints or full specifications are provided, the cost of special design booth will be determined in arrangement with the architect and added to the cost of the minimal rent fee for the exhibition area (min 9 m2).
After finalization, all charges per m2, for design, fabrication and onsite assembly will be provided for your consideration.

•    If preferred manufacturer is not local, transportation is to be organized by the company client organized to fabricate the booth. Only booth assembly upon arrival will be charged.

Contact person for info on customized booths:

**After stated date we can not guarantee the wanted quality to be fulfilled or delivered by desired date.

Exhibition floor plan: